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We have expertise in Automic ONE Automation, AppWorx, and UC4 software upgrades.

AutomWorx personnel are highly proficient in Automic OneAutomation, AppWorx, and UC4

AutomWorx Upgrade Services Offerings

  • In-depth architectural analysis, business requirements gathering, job configuration and report mapping

  • Technical and sizing consultation around the hardware, operating systems, database management systems & third-party utilities required to sustain your new Automic environments

  • New software installation in your non-production and production environments

  • Proprietary, custom-written migration utilities in the event you need to map your existing job configurations to your new Automic environments

  • Establishing a Disaster Recovery plan and configuration with you

  • Creating test scripts and assisting you with your testing & issue remediation efforts​

  • Go-live assistance

  • End user and administrator workshops to become familiar with new features and capabilities in later versions of Automic software

  • Formal education and training services

  • Project management oversight with a specialization in Automic software upgrades

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Product Implementation

Upgrade existing software or migrate to Automic Workload Automation.

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Data Migration

We'll help bring over all of your critical data so that your business doesn't skip a beat.

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We empower users to learn as much about their workload products as possible. 

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Integration Services

Get the highest amount of benefit out of workload automation. 

How We Work On AppWorx, UC4, and Automic Upgrades

Implement Workload Automation for Applications

  • Oracle JD Edwards

  • Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Oracle Retail

  • Oracle PeopleSoft

  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing

  • Oracle Applications


  • Banner ERP / Ellucian for Higher Ed

  • Informatica

  • SAP Supply Chain Solutions

In addition to Automic software upgrades, our consultants are also highly proficient at helping you upgrade your underlying operating systems, database platforms, and other third-party software utilities required to run your Automic environment.

We ensure a thourough and accurate knowledge transfer to empower you and your team to manage your environement, but we're still here for support.


Our consultants provide pre- or post-upgrade workshops to administrators and end users to help you understand “what’s new” between the current Automic software version you run and the target version you will upgrade to.

  • If you do not currently have Automic Workload installed, we will help you understand why it might be the right time for your business to move to this version:

    • Automic Workload application is Broadcom’s go to market recommendation.

    • Automic Workload is heavily developed so that customers can take advantage of the latest technologies.

Automic Workload is a true enterprise software product that introduces many features that do not exist in AppWorx. Just some of the features that Automic Workload offers include:

  • Active/active Automation Engine (master) Configuration as an HA Solution

  • Support for multiple databases (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and DB2)

  • Support for the majority of OS hardware offered in the market

  • Multi-client technology to help minimize the requirements of multiple non- production masters/environments

  • Analytics Reporting and Dashboards

  • OS Agent can run with lower Automic software versions so there is no need to upgrade all your components at once

  • Zero Down-time Upgrade (ZDU)

  • Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) to help you schedule OS agent upgrades

  • Updated Rapid Automation Agents, including:

    • WebServices for both REST and SOAP calls

    • Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle JD Edwards

    • Ellucian Banner

    • FTP, Informatica, and others

  • API-enabled

Depending on the version of AppWorx software that you may have in place, AutomWorx consultants may recommend that you migrate your existing job configurations to the Automic Workload Automation platform. Our senior consultants have written and successfully deployed the migration utilities needed to mitigate business disruption.

A Note for AppWorx Users

Automic Software Product Support End Dates

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Formerly known as Applications Manager

Product                                         Release Date       End of Maintenance      End of Product Support

Applications Manager v9.3        2019-03-21          2022-03-31                     2023-03-31

Applications Manager v9.2        2017-07-27          2020-07-31                     2021-07-31

Applications Manager v9.1        2016-01-15          2019-03-31                     2020-03-31


Automic ONE Automation

Formerly known as UC4, Operations Manager, UC4:global, or Automic Workload Automation

Product                                         Release Date       End of Maintenance      End of Product Support


Automic Workload v12.3           2019-07-18          2022-06-30                      2024-01-31


Automic Workload v12.2           2018-06-29          2021-06-19                      2022-06-19


Automic Workload v12.1           2017-09-29          2020-09-29                      2021-09-29


Automic Workload v12.0           2016-09-30          2019-09-30                      2020-09-30


Automic Workload v11.2           2015-10-30          2018-10-31                      2019-10-31

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