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AMISYS Advance Automation

Streamline AMISYS Advance environment setup with rapid deployment.

Automation for AMISYS Advance

Save Time and Money on AMISYS Advance with Workload Automation

Eliminate manual processes and custom scripting with for a faster AMISYS Advance environment setup.

Effortless Job Management with AppWorx Workload Automation

  • Automated Job Import: Import all of your AMISYS jobs into AppWorx automatically and start running them right away.

  • Reusable Objects: Create objects once and use them repeatedly across jobs. Define a printer once and assign it to any number of jobs. This object-oriented approach applies to all AppWorx entities (jobs, job streams, database logins, program directories) for effortless script maintenance.

  • Automatic Data Retrieval: Retrieve dates and parameters from databases and pass them to AMISYS jobs, eliminating scripting needs.

  • Self-Healing Job Flows: Job flows are automatically restarted from any points of failure, ensuring smooth operation.

  • Simplified Environment Migration: Migrate between development, test, and production environments seamlessly using  export and import tools. This ensures a repeatable, reliable, and fast process.


AppWorx Workload Automation is a comprehensive tool that can handle even the most complex job schedules. It also accommodates ad-hoc user requests, prioritizing production runs for on-time completion while fulfilling individual requests within acceptable timeframes.​

Automic Workload Automation Services

  • AppWorx Workload Automation software configuration with expert job scheduling and reporting services

  • Testing and issue remediation

  • Go-live assistance

  • End user and administrator knowledge transfer and formal education services

  • Project management oversight 

  • Support

  • Architectural analysis

  • Licensing

  • Technical and sizing consultation around the hardware, operating systems, database 

  • New software installation in your non-production and production environments

  • Collaborating and putting a robust security plan in place

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