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Consulting as a Service (CaaS)

Our consultants specialize in Automic OneAutomation, AppWorx, and UC4 software 

Consulting as a Services offers your business flexibility. 

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Consulting as a Service is a subscription plan that can be fulfilled on a month-to-month or annual basis. Organizations choose CaaS to go beyond typical support services by getting on-demand access to senior consulting resources. 

In this model, AutomWorx consultants are available to your via phone, email, and web meeting. We act as an extension of your staff, to help keep projects moving and to offer technical expertise. Whether you need temporary help for a migration or upgrade, or you want ongoing assistance in your workload automation environment, we are here to help.



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Use a monthly or yearly subscription.

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Expert Help

Our consultants have decades of workload automation experience.

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We empower users to learn as much about their workload products as possible. 

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Temporary or Ongoing

You choose how you want to interact with our consultants.

What kind of projects are including in CaaS subscriptions?

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