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Automic OneAutomation, AppWorx, and UC4 Software Training

Virtual or on-site training to ensure you get the most out of your workload automation investment.

Training and Education from AutomWorx

Maximize your Automic investment by understanding and leveraging more product capabilities. AutomWorx offers customizable training agendas and flexible terms and conditions to ensure that your team gets the educational experience that fits with your needs and goals.

We facilitate the following training courses in a virtual or onsite capacity

  • Two-day end user formal education

  • One-day administrator formal education

  • Custom training

Popular training topics

  • End user navigation and how-tos

  • Intermediate and power user navigation in Automic

  • Administrator and super user tasks

  • Product installation and environmental preparation techniques

  • In-depth environmental walkthroughs, best practices recommendations and system
    optimization procedures

  • New software version (“what’s new”) feature and function walkthroughs

  • Custom scripting in Automic

One-Day Agent Workshops

Ellucian Banner, Informatica, Oracle JD Edwards, and Oracle E-Business

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