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Ellucian Banner Automation

Whether you are new to Ellucian Banner or have been using it for years, AutomWorx can help you get the most out of your investment.

Automation for Ellucian Banner

Streamline Your Ellucian Banner Processes with AppWorx Workload Automation


Ellucian Banner powers higher education institutions as a powerful ERP that helps enable efficiency and collaboration. 

However, like many applications, Ellucian Banner also has opportunities for automation. AppWorx Workload Automation from Broadcom tackles tasks that might otherwise be time consuming in Banner, like:

  • Automated Financial Aid: Eliminate manual job submissions. AppWorx handles financial aid distribution and other processes automatically, ensuring timely student funding.

  • Effortless Letter Generation: Automate letter generation for various channels like email, fax, network printers, and even text messaging. Get information to students quickly and efficiently.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Gain a central view of your system and operations. Track complex tasks in real-time through an intuitive interface. Optimize IT resources for year-round service.

  • Enhanced Security & Reporting: Manage user access by role, track actions, and generate detailed reports for compliance and accountability.

Automic AppWorx Workload Automation Services

  • AppWorx Workload Automation software configuration with expert job scheduling and reporting services

  • Testing and issue remediation

  • Go-live assistance

  • End user and administrator knowledge transfer and formal education services

  • Project management oversight 

  • Support

  • Architectural analysis

  • Licensing

  • Technical and sizing consultation around the hardware, operating systems, database 

  • New software installation in your non-production and production environments

  • Collaborating and putting a robust security plan in place

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