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What is the Broadcom Knights Program?

The Broadcom Knights program is a recognition and training program for top technologists working within Broadcom's partner network. These individuals are selected for their exceptional knowledge and expertise in Broadcom's software solutions.

Here's what makes the program important:

  • Highly Skilled Experts:  Knights are chosen from the best Broadcom software partners globally. They go through rigorous training and certifications, making them masters in areas like sales, pre-sales, implementation, and support for Broadcom's software.

  • Problem-Solving Champions: Because of their deep understanding, Knights are equipped to tackle complex technical challenges customers face with Broadcom software. They can provide answers and strategies for even the most intricate issues.

  • Collaboration and Innovation:  The Knights program fosters collaboration among these experts. This means you don't just get the knowledge of one person; you can tap into the collective wisdom of a highly skilled community. This can lead to innovative solutions specific to your business needs.

  • Early Access and Feedback:  Knights are often the first to learn about new Broadcom technology and features. This allows them to advise customers on how to best leverage these advancements and also provide valuable feedback to Broadcom for product improvement.

Mark Romeo, Broadcom Knight

Meet Mark Romeo

Automic Automation (AA): worked in Pre Sales and Services for AppWorx and Automic for 25 years.

Knight of: AutomWorx, Inc.

Year Knighted In: 2022

Products Knighted In: Automic Automation (Workload Automation)

Geographic Location Served: NAM

Overall, the Broadcom Knights program benefits both Broadcom and its customers. By having a network of highly trained partners, Broadcom can ensure better customer experiences and product development. Customers gain access to superior technical expertise and support for getting the most out of their Broadcom software investment.



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